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My name is Aswin

I'm a software engineer with over 10 years of experience in software engineering and currently work at Amazon. I'm skilled in software development involving a wide range of technologies and programming languages. Passionate about tech, mentoring, and writing on software engineering topics. (Read more)


I got to work with some of the most amazing companies on earth

Amazon is my current employer and I already completed around 2 years in the Amazon Appstore org. At Appstore, I led development of an Android SDK for integration of Android apps in Windows 11 and a catalog analysis system. My current team owns various services that power Appstore submissions. You could read more about my experience at Amazon in in this article.

My tenure at Cisco was short (exactly a year), but I learnt much more in this one year than the previous years. I was part of the WebEx product development team and led the development of a major micro-service responsible for one-time and continuous synchronisation of data from legacy contact services to WebEx.

I worked at TCS Research for over 7 years in Software Developer and Researcher roles. My tenure at TCS Research enabled me to analyse problem space deeply and think big for the solutions available. I created 2 distinct patents in this tenure and was part of various research initiatives including digital twins, data integration and migration and software architecture.


These are my go-to tools and technologies when I build stuff
Java programming language logoPython programming language logoNodeJs logoSpring logoReactJs logoElectron framework logoAWS logoPostgres logoVisual Studio Code logoIntelliJ logoGitHub logo